Agnieszka Rogowska


Individual exhibition in Smelik&Stokking Galleries in the Netherlands was the culmination of the year of 2014. It was held in the Gallery in the Hague.


Only untill mid-Septyember the Jubille Exhibition at the Smelik & Stokking Gallery.

You can find my paintings at the Jubilee Exhibition celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Smelik & Stokking Galleries. The Exhibition in the Hague’s Gallery will last till mid-September


I invite you for the exhibition of works before the auction in Desa Unicum Auction House in Warsaw.

It will be the last Young Art Auction this year, organized by Desa Unicum. Among 97 works, there is my Seascape (the one attached here); it has nr 71.

The auction will take place next Wednesday, December 19th in 34-50 Marszalkowska Str., Warsaw. Start at 7 pm.


Exhibition of the 6th “Triennale with the Still Life”, organized by BWA Sieradz (central Poland, Łódź voivodeship), begins this Friday. It will last till January and than it will travel around Poland; together with my "Two Tables" on board.


This Wednesday, Oct. 17th, the 7th Charity Auction – „seed of ART – garden of HOPE” will take place. This time in the National Museum in Warsaw.

The pre-auction exhibition was held in Centrum Gieldowe and for those who missed it, there is the catalogue.

The auction begins at 6 pm. Feel invited.

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